Taking action on my health – intermittent fasting edition

Four months of committed, tracked intermittent fasting has led to weight loss, body recomposition, the reduction of medication, the cessation of medication, the end of my GERD (reflux) problem, better bloodwork results, clearer thinking, fewer food cravings, getting full faster while eating less food, an end to my after dinner eating, and an appreciation for more nutritious food.

To put this in perspective, I had an A1C measurement of 10.1% when I was diagnosed with diabetes some years back. My most recent measurement was 6.3%. Anything under 6% is generally considered non-diabetic.

I’m proud and happy of what I’ve accomplished for myself. I need healthy habits I can rely on when other things in life get tough. Especially when my head & heart work against me, sometimes.

I wish the best for everyone, and I pray for loving kindness to all.