Jax is a male cattle dog & border collie mix. He was born in the summer of 2014. He is a rescue dog; he came to my family because his first owner abandoned him at a campground. I adopted him in fall of 2016. He’s a wonderful companion.

Jax's Embark Breed Results

Jax loves playing fetch, playing in the river, and hiking. He’s a very independent dog who definitely has strong herding instincts. He loves being off leash and exploring his environment. He’s also very smart.

Jax is a reactive dog. He gets leash frustrated so he will bark & lunge at triggers, especially if he is with the whole family – he seems to be overprotective. Sometimes he will redirect onto the other dogs in our family, too.

Jax’s triggers have included: men, hoodies, beanies, baseball caps, bicycles, runners, & skateboards. He’s getting better as we work on counter-conditioning around triggers and reinforcement for good behavior choices and decisions. Jax is generally great with other dogs when off-leash.

Jax is my very first dog. He has been an exceptional buddy and he changed my life. He likes to sleep on the bed at night in the wintertime and politely indicates dinner time every night.

Jax has his own page on Instagram as @jaxiedoots.