This is a Test Post for Embedding a TikTok

As I mentioned in my pervious post, I will be publishing my tests of WordPress functionality. Learning and doing is all part of the process of growing.

This is a test post for embedding a TikTok video. I am using a plain link and not an embed code.


Scatter feeding Lucy near the dog park #doglife #doglove #rescuedog #reactivedog #scatterfeeding #counterconditioning #dogpark #dogtraining #dogtok

♬ original sound – kiirkas

Edit: To make this work I had to enable cookies for in my Privacy Badger extension for the Chrome browser. Otherwise I was getting a plan text post with links but no video. I found the answer to my problem on this webpage:

Style note: I do not like the white background with the site’s dark theme. I will need to think on this.

This is a Test Post for Linking a Goodreads Book & Review

Check out this book on Goodreads: He’s Only Playing! Meeting, Greeting and Play Between Dogs. What’s OK, What’s Not

(test post – sharing a book from goodreads)

I’m posting this as part of my testing process. I’m choosing to make this process public, since my journey is all about learning. For this post, I had to download an image of the book’s cover in addition to posting a link. I’m going to check out if I can link my own review or if I need to copy and paste it here.

Edit: My review will need to be copied & pasted. It’s good info to have.

My Book Review: “Short, simple, and informative.” The book is only about 16 pages. It includes photos of dogs in various social situations with a focus on their body language to understand their interactions – friendly, neutral, and unfriendly. The images were hard to see very well on my Kindle. I recommend it for any dog owner or dog professional.